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Drain Valve and Dilution Valve Features and Benefits

At Airmax, the choice of plastic valve items we offer incorporates drain valves that can oblige a large group of modern and business applications. The different provisions and advantages of our Airmax drain valve and weakening valve items are introduced underneath.

Airmax Drain Valves

The drain valve series we offer incorporates a huge hole valve that can oblige destructive liquid in high volumes as it goes through a totally non-metallic wetted surface. This valve is produced using PVC or polypropylene, and as such, it is incredibly cost-proficient. It comes in PVDF or PTFE.

The body parts of the PVDF drain valve empower improved execution in both ultrapure and cruel substance conditions. This alternative additionally incorporates the accessibility of Viton, Kalrez, or EPDM O-rings.

Numerous setups (2, 3, and 4-way) are accessible with our Airmax drain valve, which incorporates an autonomous activity through each port. This drain valve works either via air to open/air to close or spring return. Either strategy for activity might be determined and used. These drain valves are additionally accessible in custom arrangements.

These drain valve applications are fundamentally utilized for the quick filling in the draining of cycle tanks that contain gentle arrangements or DI water. You can depend on the drain valves we offer, which are produced with PVDF or PTFE, to work as the ideal answer for handle troublesome media.

Weakening Drain Valves (DVD)

The Dilution drain valve is the ideal decision when draining is happening and cooling and weakening arrangements are required. The valve is planned and made to stop the drain naturally when a water stream interference happens. The DVD valve we offer works impeccably with tanks that have 3/4″, 1/2″, and 3/8" primary drain port sizes.

Weakening DV Features

The Dilution drain valve incorporates the accompanying significant provisions:

Upon an interference of the weakening water, the valve close off because of its safeguard plan

Our PTFE and PVDF wetted surface plans convey magnificent protection from unforgiving interaction conditions – for instance, those that incorporate synthetic erosion

The working temperature of the media goes from 32°F to 280°F (0°C to 100°C). It ought to be noticed that high weakening rates are the consequence of slow drain rates.

Planned and fabricated for the helpful association within an office, just requiring a 30 psi to 90 psi use of water pressure.

The primary drain port is shielded from garbage and chips through a screened confused plate

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