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Directional Control Valves Explained

Pneumatic directional valves are used to start, stop, or essentially modify the course of the breeze stream as per the necessities in stuffed air structures. Compacted air is used by various relationships for working their stuff and contraptions that are used in their creation cycle.

To perceive how the directional control valve is used, it is vital to know the different sorts of directional valves open watching out.

Directional control valves are expected a blueprint of usages, affiliations might use a singular kind of valve for a specific task, or they might use a mix of various types of directional control valves to wrap up a particular work.

These plans are bound into plans, like a spool, sliding seal, poppet, stomach, and turning. Out of these plans, the poppet and the spool are the most thoroughly seen ones.


5/2 way Directional Control valve

Spool Directional Control Valve

The spool valve is of two sorts, lapped and reinforced.

A lapped spool directional control valve is depended upon to give customers the stream plan that they need in by far most of the applications. A low degree of outside power is required for moving balance and this nature of the spool deals with it to incite the pool.

Additionally, during a moving stroke, the spool is depended upon to remain predictable. This chips away at it for the spool valve to complete the stroke successfully when the stiction is taken out.

Maintained spool directional control valve join an elastomer seal that pushes against the strain to ensure to fix. They are depended upon to be used in three, position-based applications and grants you to cripple the blowby that comes from the exhaust when the stream arrangement is changed.

They are soil indulgent and when reliably lubed up, can continue to go for a shockingly lengthy timespan to come.

The two kinds of spool valves are available in 3 and 4-way strategies. A 3-way spool valve can other than be used as a 2-course spool fundamentally by deterring one port.


Booked upkeep is the technique for ensuring that your directional control valves work at their best. Grant us to see a piece of the things you can do to ensure their ideal execution.

The individual liable for help should have incredible data and should follow the dates and tasks performed on the valve.

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